Hey there! Welcome to my first official post for the blog’s “Bible series”. I’ve done some posts based on Bible stories in the past, but I just decided to officially put them all under their own category, so hello Bible series!

Scripture Reference: Zech. 1: 11-17
Right to the topic for today, the right kind of peace; for some days now, I’ve been reading stuff about the peace of God and stuff. My daily devotional of three days ago said that you know the will of God when you feel peace with that person – I feel same applies with your career and whatever life choices you decide to make; when you start to feel confusion, them sum’n aint right; it’s ok and normal to feel doubts, happens to everyone of us – “will she say yes? I know she’s the one, but do I have the right words?” “will I make a good counselor? I just wanna help people.” It’s fine; unlike when you feel confusion – “is this really what I want? I like Psychology better, or even Environment Science; I’ll probably be a nudist some day, trees should be treated right!” “B is cute and spiritual, but E is tall and so brilliant; I think I can make E spiritual at some point if I try, or not, maybe I’ll cope, but oh B is just too cute!” *rolls eyes* seriously, show me the peace in that!
So anyways, because I’ve been reading a lot about peace lately, I am moved to write about it. But hey, today I am not going to talk about how you’re going to find that peace you require; I want to talk about the peace you already claim to feel – is it the right kind? Yes, who knew! that there was the right kind and then the wrong kind of peace… phew! Life’s so complicated, eh? It’s like when you say you feel right about something, then you have to question yourself “is it the right kind of right?!”
So in the scripture reference above, God was angry at the “nations at ease”; Israel was in affliction, things weren’t going right for them but these other nations were at peace, cos you know, who cares?! In fact, they increased their affliction, cos you know, God was a lil angry with the Israelites so let’s help Him make them suffer some more! Who made you whip in the hands of God? Did God personally visit you and say “hey I’m gonna chastise this my child a lil and I need a hand”?
I know a lot of us might say I’ve never done anything to make anybody suffer; really? You sure about that? Suffering doesn’t have to be physical, what about mental, psychological, emotional suffering? Again I’ll ask, are you sure you haven’t said something lately that made the other person feel depressed or that dealt a huge dent to the person’s esteem, Madam my-tongue-is-made-of-Poison Ivy? Or maybe God put you in the position to help a fellow person, and you did and you feel totally at peace with yourself – that’s great, right? But are you sure you did it with the right intent? Did you do it to brag? Or so in the future you can say “I made you!!” Yea, like suddenly you became the Creator? *scoffs* Did you do it so you can make the person do things for you? Cos honey, if that’s what you’re about, you gotta check that peace you are feeling, that peace’s gonna come right back to bite you in the bottom when God decides it’s your turn to be chastised!
My pastor usually says “never underestimate the man that gets on his knees to pray to God.” If you have made yourself master of puppets over somebody’s life, doling out little help here and there so you can shove the person here and push the person there, and you feel peace in your heart because you know, at least you’re “helping” unlike other persons, I advise you to be very afraid if that person is a prayer person. You have no right to feel peace when you are using people, or contributing to their physical, emotional and psychological affliction! No right at all! And I can bet that if such person becomes great, your wrong kind of peace turns into scorn and bitterness, then you want to put the person down and disturb their new found peace. Let me just warn you, you see these nations that felt ease when Israel was in affliction? Well, they became the four horns mentioned later in that first chapter of Zechariah and wanted to scatter the nation of Israel; and guess what? God sent four equally strong craftsmen to terrify them! Talk about terrifying the terrifying terrorist! I’ll be writing on that next!
The wrong kind of peace turns into bitterness and envy eventually; envy and bitterness when you’re no longer having your way, envy and evil plots when the person hasn’t only matched up but stepped up! Do you want to become that kind of enemy that will become crushed because your wrong kind of peace transformed real quick to resentment and grudge? Your choice – the right kind of peace, or the wrong kind – totally up to you! Shalom!


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